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Tuck Teaches Kids

Alphabet Foam Puzzle

Alphabet Foam Puzzle

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This one toy can add literacy EASILY into your everyday busy lives. Tuck’s alphabet foam puzzle set is the only one if it’s kind that has both upper and lower case letters, which highlight the vowels only.  Being able to recognize both upper and lower case letters is a VITAL early literacy skill. While most foam puzzles are multi colored, this one only uses two colors. The five “special” letters (vowels) are yellow, while the rest of the letters are blue. Not only does this help teach which letters are vowels, it encourages the focus to be on the SHAPE of the letters, not the colors, which creates a solid foundation of the skill. This set intentionally includes alphabet only (not numbers). Many times the numbers get confused as letters, and that can inhibit literacy learning.  

This learning toy can be used as a puzzle, of course. But, it has so many other uses! Punch all the letters out and put them in the tub! They stick to the side of the tub and you have a literacy learning lab every time you give your kiddo a bath! When you practice spelling their name, make sure to point out that we use capital letters for names!  
You can also punch the letters out and put them in a sandwich baggie for one of your on-the-go quiet activities for restaurants and appointments. Playing a matching game with upper and lower case letters is also a favorite activity!  

There is so much bang for the buck with this one! I highly recommend this multifaceted puzzle for anyone with littles in their life!  You will probably want more than one set! 



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